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Sangchen Norbu Ling is a Retreat Center situated in a privileged site for the true retreat practice. Its motivation is based on giving all Lord Buddha students the opportunity...

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Our motivation is no other than to lead the true monk’s life, that is, RenunciationStudy and Practice. This was the intention of Lord Buddha when he created the ordained Sangha with his most engaged followers...

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This sacred place was created to enable the generation of true renunciation and a full dedication in the pursuit of Lord Buddha and his teachings...

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The project

Sangchen Norbu Ling is a project backed by SS Sakya Trizin.

This project started with Ngawang Wangjor’s enthusiasm to create a Monastic Retreat Centre. This centre will allow Western Monks to live in retreat and devote themselves exclusively to the practice, without money being a limitation to do so; creating, that way, different rooms for retreat practice needed both for Monks and lay people. Wangjor has been after this Project for more than five years. Before asking His Holiness Sakya Trizin for his approval and blessings, he looked for an isolated place with the auspicious conditions for its development in different parts of Spain.

Casita desmontable para los retiros

In 2008, at the mountains in the Matarraña region, he was allowed to use some lands to settle for a while whilst he was getting the economic resources in order to buy either these lands or others. So he lived there alone for three years. Nowadays, he must leave this place owing to the fact that he did not get the funding for the development of this project especially needed by the Western Monks, who are totally short of funds to carry out their real mission of renunciation.

A Hubmle Project

The Project is basic, simple and humble.

  • To begin with, the search for a site in living nature, as far as possible from mundane influences and distractions.

  • The building of several premises: As permanent residence of the monks, small houses, of a size of about 20-25 square meters.

  • A Gompa for collective practices and teachings of the Masters. A bigger dwelling with several rooms for the Masters and assistants that attend possible special events (teachings, rituals, and so on).

  • Retreat cabins for future people in retreat.

  • The building could begin with the small residences for the monks and some cabins for retreats.

  • The installation of a water system, electricity (photovoltaic panels) and a drainage system (a septic tank).

  • This is enough to begin a real renunciation and a sincere Dharma practice.


The support of the Masters

We have the support and blessings of the highest Masters. Especially H.H. Sakya Trizin, spiritual head of the Sakya school, who has encouraged us to…

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How to help

You can help us in different ways, we have devised different ways to cooperate for different personal economic situations…


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All contributions will go to the maintenance of the center and of the people in retreat with no economic resources.

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